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What is longboarding?

Longboarding is a fast growing, ever changing sport. Originating from the idea of surfing concrete.
Nowadays, longboarding can be divided into a few catagories. Downhill speedboarding, luge, slalom, free-riding, or just good old cruisng around. Longboarding is a passion for many, and can lead to many wonderful things like friendships, the feeling of freedom, or rad scars!


Longboards vs Skateboards

Longboards are characterized by their longer length, width, and bigger wheels when compared to skateboards.
These differences allow longboards a smoother ride, and maintain stability at high speeds. Longboard tricks usually
involve slides, but it is not unusual to see a skater pop a kickflip on a longboard.

Me, myself, and I - Oliver Yau

Hey there rad people! My name is Oliver. I'm from the beautiful British Columbia and lived in the mountainous area of Vancouver, one of the bests places to longboard! I currently live in the nation's capital, Ottawa. I'm a first year student at the University of Ottawa studying for my Bachelor of Commerce. When I'm not busy with school work,I like to watch movies, hike, swim, hang out at Tim Hortons, snowboard, skateboard, and of course, I love to longboard whenever I can!


Oliver's Longboard Stats

Too many to count!
Longboards I


Number of bails

Scrapes from bails

So many scars :(
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