Longboarding is a growing sport, so it makes sense that there are countless types of longboard decks. Here we will see the 3 most common types of decks. Other decks are usually variations of these three decks.

Top Mount

Top mounted longboards are usually meant for downhilling, but nowadays, they are also quite popular with free-riding. Top mount longboards are the original type of longboards. Depending on what it's meant for, a top mount board could be heavy, light, stiff, flexy, and can vary in length. Top mounts means that the deck itself is mounted on top of the trucks. This means that turning capabilities are great but will not be as stable a ride as other boards such as a drop- through deck.



Drop-through decks are an innovation of longboard decks of the last decade. They have only been around for a couple years and longboarders absolutely love it! A drop- through deck would have the base plates of the trucks on top of the deck and the rest under. This results in a much lower ride thus making the deck really stable. Drop- through decks have become many longboarder's favourite because of its versitile nature; you can use it for downhilling, free-riding, or pushing around.



Pintail decks are a water drop shaped deck. It is a type of top-mount deck and is what the first longboards looked like. Pintails are usually abit flexible, this allows for a smooth ride over cracks and uneven ground. Pintails are made to imitate the looks of a surf board. Pintails are generally meant for just cruising around, although some of the stiffer pintails claims they can also downhill.